Through modern renewable technological developments, renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly popular, especially where access for service runs are restricted.

In accordance with the Governments Zero Carbon Initiatives, there are various methods that can be adopted to provide renewable energy sources, improving resource productivity and reducing harm on  the environment.

Frequently, the use of sustainable technologies will depend on the attitudes, incentives and the knowledge base of each individual. Lyndon Brett Partnership encourages the development of these processes to help shape, foster or inhibit more sustainable technologies into development schemes wherever possible.

We feel it is important to recognise the Government’s proposals to reduce the carbon footprint of both new and existing buildings. It is important to realise the relationship between the Planning System, Code for Sustainable Homes and Building Regulations in delivering ambitions for zero carbon development.

Sustainable Technologies is not the sole solution to the carbon emission problem we face, but can certainly help provide a greener environment in the future.